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Innovate with IoT Solutions to gain enhanced security, cost-savings and informed business decisions

Internet of Things Consulting and Development

We have emerged into the world of Internet of Things (IoT). From smart devices for convenience and monitoring in day-to-day lives to the most complex business operations, IoT is everywhere connecting the physical world with the people and processes. IoT applications record and sends reams of data which helps in managing, monitoring and analysing a process to boost efficiency. Widespread adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) can be experienced across all industries Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automobile, Retail, Energy, Construction, Smart Cities.

Smart IoT Solutions

Service offerings

IoT Consulting

Systematix has been offering internet of things consulting and development services to its clients from Automotive, Consumer durable industries, municipal corporations and hotel/home automation through its team of experienced IoT app consultants. Interested in discussing with us IoT feasibility for your business challenge?

Proof of Concept & Pilot

IoT development is a bridge between device sensors, backend application and analytics. To test how an idea and/or project, it is advisable to opt a low-risk proof of concept. The purpose of a PoC is to showcase a functional model of the solution around your idea and/or project, collect sample data, and evaluate its feasibility on a set timeline and a budget. A PoC with clear identified scope of work avoids any gaps and scope creep.

How it Works

Project Briefing

Detailed understanding of the client’s requirements and expectations from the solution. Clear definition of the goals, data points to be captured and/or controlled, metrics, reports, risks, success criteria and desired project execution timelines.

POC Development

Create an execution plan, develop application flow and wireframes, design and develop hardware (PCB design, Fabrication and Assembling) and implement the concept.

PoC Demo

Install hardware and configure PoC. Demonstrate functional model, captured data points and showcase analytics, reports and controls.

PoC Evaluation

Review results vis-à-vis requirement and develop pilot or production plan.

IoT Application Development Services

Systematix Infotech aligns a team of IoT developers who specialize in custom IoT app development. The team has varied industry exposure and can develop a solution to address any business need to leverage the full potential of IoT technology. Systematix Infotech is a CMMI Level 3 appraised company and follows the process and documentation guidelines provided by the framework. Project Status Report on a weekly basis with the client help to monitor the product development and avoid gaps, if any.

Analytics & Insight

The data points gathered using IoT solutions form a strong base for Advanced Analytics and Insight. We bring expertise in using this data and provide enhanced insight using Business Intelligence for evidence-based decision making.

Stay updated with Technology and Innovation

IoT for smart homes and smart cities

Our professional software developer offers robust IoT development services for smart city projects and smart homes. With years of experience in the Internet of Things, machine learning, and cloud computing we deliver custom solutions that make things easy, more sustainable and secure.

  • We are experts in creating custom solutions with integrated multimodal routing solutions and smart traffic and digital parking systems.
  • The garbage bins are integrated with smart solutions to prevent overflows by optimizing the waste collection process to keep the environment safe.
  • Fully automated solutions with intelligent IoT systems for street lightning management with automatic on/off and dimming control.

IoT Software for healthcare

We create IoT integrated Applications for healthcare sectors that allow remote monitoring, capturing patient’s vitals and offering better patient care.

  • Our custom solutions for healthcare are designed for hospitals to connect doctors, patients, hospitals, nurses, foundations, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies with each other.
  • Our solutions are integrated with the latest machine learning algorithms to offer simultaneous reporting and monitoring.
  • All the data of patients and the alerts can be monitored easily with our solutions.

Software for Device Management

We offer device management solutions integrated with the Internet of Things to companies for better understanding and controlling their assets and infrastructures. We create seamless custom management solutions that can be easily integrated with the client’s ecosystem and workflow.

  • The device management solutions that we deliver enable better transparency between the owner and the employees.
  • With the help of a device management solution, clients can leverage the full potential of their data.
  • We are also experts in creating comprehensive mobile and developing applications that help manage and control devices remotely.

Industrial IoT

At Systematix, we help businesses to optimize equipment maintenance strategies with our advanced analytics and custom industrial IoT solutions. Our industrial IoT Solutions enable asset-intensive companies to get actionable insights into their business to better plan business performance.

  • Maximize the uptime of your business with our remote management IoT solutions to get real-time data from your assets installed across different locations.
  • To prevent unnecessary and unexpected breakdowns in your machinery, identify the hidden defects of your machinery with our customer IoT solutions.
  • Know about the equipment failure before the actual failure occurs, and she does the maintenance of machinery with IoT solutions.

IoT Software for Agriculture

We believe that IoT Can offer some serious benefits to two agricultural industries, so we have created smart solutions for farmers that will completely change the way things operating this industry.

  • Robust IoT Solutions that offer accurate results with productive technologies.
  • Go green with our farming IoT Data tools to reduce the cost of resources.
  • Now keep a real-time track of fields, soil, air, and crops with the big data solutions.

Consumer IoT Services

We integrate advanced analytics in our consumer IoT solutions to reinvent customer products by convenient control and monitoring.

  • We are experts in creating custom IoT software components for vehicles that help in improving the in-car experience of the drivers.
  • Robust solutions for various wearable gadgets, including smartwatches, fit bands, and Bluetooth devices
  • The Internet of Things consumer products offer an indispensable user experience and helps businesses to gain actionable insights into their service.

Customer Successes

Advantages of IoT Application Development

IoT applications can control and collect enormous amount of data points directly from the connected devices or platform where it is embedded without any human intervention. The ease of control coupled with diversity and quality of data points makes Internet of Things a preferred choice for businesses operations and processes. The application of IoT is possible across all industries and business challenges. IoT has a huge potential to transform any business and take it to the next level.

  • Automated processes through sensor coding
  • Real-time data collection for advanced analytics
  • Process optimization based on data insight
  • Improved security and control
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Cost Optimization


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Frequently Asked Questions

To make things easy for our clients, we have answered some of the most common questions.

What are the IoT platforms?

A platform integrated with IoT connects the complete Internet of Things ecosystem with nearby IoT Enabled devices, software, and the interface.

Does IoT require coding?

to create Robust applications integrated with the Internet of Things, you need to hire professional and skilled software developers. the most common language used for creating IoT solutions R Python, JavaScript, and C.

What are the examples of IoT Applications?

IoT devices are being used in various industries for better and more accurate results.

  • Smart homes/offices/cities
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Health care
  • Connected cars
  • Industries
  • Wearables

What are the top IoT boards for prototyping and development?

  • Audio
  • ESP32
  • NVIDIA Jetson Nano
  • Teensy 4.0
  • Particle Boron

What is custom IoT development?

It is a process developing applications that can be monitored and controlled remotely through sensors and external data sources. Custom IoT development has is offered to cater to the specific requirements of a business.


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